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What is a computer system?

A computer system is a basic or functional computer or computer, which includes all the hardware and software necessary to be functional for a user. It is the system in charge of collecting data, processing them and transmitting the information once processed. Later we will see how you perform each of these 3 tasks. We…

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History and Evolution of Operating Systems

The first computers did not have operating systems. Each program that was running on these first computers had to include all the code needed to run on the computer, communicate with the connected hardware and perform the calculation that the program was intended to perform. This situation made even the simplest programs become very complex.…

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What is the Operating System for?

The basic functions of the Operating System are to manage the resources of the computer, coordinate the hardware and organize files and directories on the storage devices of our computer. Some more concrete things that an Operating System can do are: – The operating system is the only great piece of software that runs the…

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